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August 2010

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tatooine_dreams in swlastofthejedi

Here's some interesting information...

I found this through jedi_news, a link to an entry at TheForce.Net about a new series titled Rebel Force from Scholastic.

Here's part of what it says:

"...an entry on Amazon.com for a new Scholastic book called Rebel Force. It could be a one shot young adult novel, but with Last of the Jedi ending this month it seems likely that Rebel Force is the title of the new young adult series. Given that Luke, Leia and Han are all mentioned in the entry, it seems likely that this series is set after A New Hope."

"No author or release date have been attached to this book as of yet. Jude Watson, author of several other Star Wars series, seems a likely contender. Given that the previous Scholastic series have always led into each other, it’s probable that whoever is writing this new series will pick up on some of Watson’s plot threads. Possible storylines could involve Lune, a Force sensitive child, Trever, friend of Jedi Quest and Last of the Jedi character Ferus Olin, or Deara, Leia’s aunt who was exiled from Alderaan in Last of the Jedi #9."

"The return to the Rebellion era marks a circle completed for Scholastic. The first Star Wars books from the publisher were set in this era—notable series from days past include the twenty volume Star Wars Missions and the two book Science Adventures. The latter was written by Jude Watson, and was canceled before the story could be concluded. It’s possible the storyline might finally be resolved in Rebel Force. Since 2000, nearly all of the original Star Wars stories from Scholastic have been set in the prequel era."

So we still have a chance that our favorite characters will pop up somewhere!


This certainly sounds interesting. Anything is that sheds more light on the years between ROTS and ANH.

Trever or Ferus would definitely be a plus!